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Do you require a professional Bailiff company for enforcement of Commercial Landlord Distraints & Terminations, Termination of the Leasing Agreements , Distrain for Management or seizure of assets and Tax collections?

Sterling Bailiffs has been operating since 1994, specialist in Commercial Landlord Distraints & Terminations plus Municipal Tax Collections and Seizures. Our Licensed Bailiff’s are skilled professional who will focus on achieving your wants and needs in a quick and timely manner. Daily exposure to a very active economic environment requires quick actions from professional who will get the job done right. We work closely with our clients, ascertain the purpose of their concerns and proactively provide methods of valuation and research to deliver what is required. We value our reputation for competent, ethical and personal service; our satisfied customers are our best advertising.

TOLL FREE: 1.877.888.(REPO)7376      PHONE: 416.701.1322      FAX: 416.701.0005      email: steve@sterbail.com
1001 Petrolia Road. Toronto, Ontario. M3J 2X7 Canada