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Sterling Bailiffs has been operating since 1995 as a specialist in Commercial Landlord Distraints & Terminations plus Municipal Tax Collections and Seizures.

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Since 1995 Sterling Bailiffs has been one of the premier fully Appointed, full-service Bailiff and Liquidation companies in Ontario. We thrive on offering professional Bailiff Services for all Commercial Landlord Distraints and Terminations, Municipal Tax Collections and Asset Seizures. Sterling Bailiffs also provide Appraisal Services, Liquidation and Auction Services. No job is too large or too small, through our in house team and professional associates, our aim is to provide clients with the most efficient services for recovery of goods, chattels, vehicles and equipment along with their quick liquidation or auction. Sterling Bailiffs Inc. will provide you with the most practical business solutions by converting tangible assets into positive cash flow. We look forward to servicing your needs.

Our Services

Commercial Landlord Services

Expert Bailiff services to assist in the recovery of unpaid rent or other breaches.

Vehicle & Equipment Recovery

Working diligently to ensure all assets are secured and debtors are dealt with.

Lien Search and Registration

Providing Lien Searches and Registration under appropriate acts.

Auction, Appraisal & Liquidation

Ensuring our clients obtain the highest recovery value for their assets.

Municipal Tax Collections

Leading provider of Bailiff services for Municipal Tax Collections serving property owners.

Our Services

We cover: Commercial Landlord Services; Vehicle & Equipment Recovery; Lien Search and Registration; Auction, Appraisal & Liquidation; and Municipal Tax Collections.

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