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Sterling Bailiffs Inc is a fully Appointed, full-service Bailiff and Liquidation company based in Ontario

Commercial Landlord Services

Sterling Bailiffs Inc., offer expert Bailiff services to assist in the recovery of unpaid rent or other breaches of lease covenants on behalf of Landlords and /or Property Managers across Ontario. Only appointed Bailiffs can execute termination and/or distraints under the Commercial Tenants Act.

We value our reputation for competent, ethical and personal service; our satisfied customers are our best advertising.

Municipal Tax Collections

Sterling Bailiffs Inc. have been a leading provider of Bailiff services for Municipal Tax Collections serving property owners with a Warrant of Seizure or an Attornment of Rent on Landlords. We have developed a unique software to allow customized Reports to meet each client’s requirements,

Our services are provided at NO COST TO THE MUNICIPALITY as the costs are paid by the property owner.

Vehicle and Equipment Recovery

Sterling Bailiffs Inc. takes an extreme amount of pride in the vehicle and equipment recovery for our clients. We work diligently to ensure all assets are secured and debtors are dealt with in a quick and professional manner. Our staff can facilitate many of your needs across the Province of Ontario, all our bailiffs are completely bonded and fully insured.

Auction, Appraisal and Liquidation Services

With our various partners, we have the resources to handle any Auction, Appraisal or Liquidation task to ensure that our clients obtain the highest recovery value of their assets.

Lien search and registration

We are able to provide Lien Searches and Registration under the Personal Property Security Act, Repair and Storage Lien Act.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Municipality and City has issued a Warrant for non-payment of Taxes.

Cash to the Bailiff
Debit Card
Pay online
Certified Cheque
Bank Draft

Where the debt cannot be paid be paid in full, an arrangement to pay by installments may be agreed by the bailiff. By agreeing to an arrangement, you must adhere to it or further action will be taken.
You should contact Sterling Bailiffs Inc. immediately and arrange to pay it. If you don’t contact us, we will assume that you do not intend to pay and we will instruct a bailiff to enforce the Warrant.
Contact any debt advisory service. Please note that with any insolvency the Taxes are still due.
You should contact the municipality/city or Sterling Bailiffs immediately with proof of payment.
If you feel that you have been treated in an inappropriate manner you should put your complaint in writing to Sterling Bailiffs Inc. Your complaint will be fully investigated and a written response will be sent to you within 10 days.
Inform the owners immediately, if your landlord fails to pay the Taxes, an Attornment of Rent may be issued which will instruct you to pay your Rent to the bailiff until such time as the taxes are paid in full.
You may telephone us at 1-877-888-7376 or come to our office at 1001 Petrolia Road (nearest intersection Steeles and Keele click to view a map) and we will assist with your enquires.

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